Do you want your own personal music?
a song, an instrumental, a jingle..

Our talented musicians can compose, perform, record and master it for you.

We can write lyrics with your choice of subject and style.

You can own it - the royalties can be yours

Do you need music for a presentation?
We can prepare dramatic music to make
your presentation really memorable.

Tell us about it and leave it to us.

Are you a singer or instrument player?
Would you like to record something?
Do you need accompanyment?

contact us

Special occasion?
We can compile play lists of well known,
appropriate music for each stage.
For example, a wedding:
- guests gather for the ceremony
- after the ceremony
- guests arrive at the reception
- during eating / before speaches
- evening / dance

If you don't like what you hear, tell us and let us try again, or quit without paying anything. Just mail us with a description of what you want, or with any query, plus your contact details.

It's early. Music Room 1 (our fun room) was busy all night - We have 3 hours to prepare for today's session.MusicRoom1-afterpng